[Puzzle No More] [Non-Competitive Obedience Training for Your Dog. Veterinarian Approved. Veterinarian Recommended.] [Presented by Lauren Faggard, PhD, CBC, IACP]
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The Missing Piece: Training You to Train Your Dog

Lauren Faggard's Non-Competitive Obedience Training for DogsNon-Competitive Obedience Training, the award winning veterinary approved and veterinary recommended method was developed by Lauren Faggard. Its application is easy and clear for both handler and canine. Learn how to counteract negative behavior and reinforce positive behavior. The method is clear and easy for the owner to implement and the dog to understand. Expect nothing less than an outstanding result!

This presentation for obedience training is styled for dog owners and dogs of all ages.

The objective as Lauren Faggard illustrates on the DVD is to stress six chief practices. The first three are how a dog learns: timing, consistency and motivation. The second three are the phases of learning: teaching, reinforcing, proofing. She also shows life is not perfect and every training session may not be either, but that does not mean the session hasn't had its successes.

The lessons showcase a variety of breeds at various ages and stages of development with preschool, preteen and adult handlers.

The means of application is a remote collar or an e-collar. Its technology and operation is similar to a tens unit as used by humans therapeutically. We only want to get the family pet's attention using low stimulus. By using the remote versus the pinch or choke collar you alleviate larynx, trachea and other neck injuries.

The DVD set has a menu for ease in navigation through the numerous applications.

I promise that if you don't have a dog---BEWARE!
This DVD set will make you want one.

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